I am very excited that Mattie is getting back into doing a powerlifting meet after a very long hiatus. So long, in fact, I cannot even remember if we had kids the last time he competed. I think we might have because all I remember was being super tired and hoping the meets would end before sunset because I couldn't stay awake. Over the years he's competed in highland games and strongman. BUT....his love for powerlifting and benching always remained.  A man's bench has long been the litmus test in our house for determining manliness and of course a key criteria in the pre-dating combine requirements for the Girl. Matt was an eliteFTS junkie wayyyyy back in the day and is the one who exposed me to this site and what a wonderful resource it is for strength athletes. (Thanks, Mattie!)

Matt's training is impeccably consistent and probably way more disciplined than mine. He's the master programming for the family and our members so it's a no brainer that he's strong too.

Matt's had a goal of a 500 lb bench in a meet for as long as I can remember. Life, opening the gym, timing,  and chronic shoulder issues never aligned to allow that to happen. My competing was ALWAYS the #1 priority in the family and resources always went into supporting me.  Excited doesn't even cover how awesome it is to see him at 47 years old to finally throw his hat back into the ring and get back out there to achieve his goal with a single ply shirt. Shoot, maybe I can convince him to do a write up of his experience if he can find the time.

Together with Dan Oldham, his training partner, they have done outstanding work together the past few years. I hear Dan should be putting up a 600 bench in single ply at the meet like a boss if all goes according to plan.  Right now Matt's feeling beat up, been nursing his chronic shoulder issues, trying to find time to rest and focus on achieving his goal.

Confession....I sort of half listen A LOT. So bear with me on this...

I believe Matt's also DL in the meet but didn't feel as though he had enough time to pull his squat together where he wanted in a full meet. Maybe he said he was squatting 750, maybe it was 700. Maybe it was 800. That's a big discrepancy, so it's fair to say beyond a general range I am not too sure.  I am even more not sure on his numbers on DL.  But BENCH? You bet I hear and pay attention to his progress which is primarily not so much strength gains but holding his shoulder stuff together. At 47 years old, that's proving to be the biggest issue he has been battling.

His Primary Goals w/Single Ply

1. Bench: International Elite for his age category (USPA, 499 lbs)

2. 500 lb bench

3. Bench: Elite for open (USPA, 508 lbs)

4. Bench: International Elite for open (USPA, 554 lbs)

Here's a vid from a few weeks back of their training

Super excited for him. Him returning to powerlifting is testament that you're never too old to let a goal die.