This year I decided to return back to competing in strongman. My plan was to take this year to rebuild in an effort to be competitive once again in 2017. I'm planning on making my final few years in strongman count.  My final competition plan for this year is to compete at Strongman Corporation's Masters Nationals at The Olympia on September 16, 2016.

From September 4, 2016

I was fortunate to have Joann come and train with me. She is competing in LW Masters this weekend and based off what I saw this weekend, she will crush it. It was nice to have her training with me to gauge my own performance and progress.


120, 1x100 ft (warm up)

Farmers Medley

180 lb farmers for 30 ft, DL it 5 times, carry 30 feet and DL 4 times.

I ran this two times. I crushed my training performance by a lot and exceeded my own expectations for training. Joann came in even faster than me with her event weight.

Frame Hold, 380 lbs

Again, this was the best I have come in on this for training. I moved on to a second set and when I got to ten seconds I put it down.  As I dropped the weight, I announced, "I don't want to do this anymore."

We got some laughs at what could be perceived as my lack of commitment to training. The reality was that I know how sensitive grip can be on all of these events and it was too close to the competition to push things too hard.

Stone of Steel Over Bar, 175 lbs

I ran this for two timed sets for one minute. Again, I surpassed my training and am getting into a decent groove on this event. I am proud of my progress and am learning that I truly love this event.

Feeling good, just wanting to carry the momentum. Although very short, this has been a great training cycle with lots of progress in a short amount of time.