This year I decided to return back to competing in strongman. My plan was to take this year to rebuild in an effort to be competitive once again in 2017. I'm planning on making my final few years in strongman count.  My final competition plan for this year is to compete at Strongman Corporation's Masters Nationals at The Olympia on September 16, 2016.

There was a squat day on 8/17 not outlined in my log.  I swung back to SSB box squats for the remained of this cycle.

From 8/20

It was a very rough transition back into training. My body was fried from the competition the week prior so I adjusted and went with it as best as I could.

Farmers Medley

My grip was just SHOT.

180 farmers, carry 30 ft, DL x5, carry 30 ft

It was slow and awfully painful. Finished this event off with 180 Farmers DL, 3x5

Frame Hold

Went lighter due to grip limitations.

250, 2x30 seconds

Stone of Steel Over Bar

This was a beacon of light in my training for the day. I am making decent progress with this event and actually sort of enjoy not having to deal with tape, tacky, sleeves, muck and gunk. This is a very efficient event to train for.

150 lb SOS - 1x6, all one motion

177.5, 1x7 about 5 were one motion

177.5, 1x5 several one motion