My annual tradition is having the privilege of wrapping the kids presents at the gym alone, blaring Christmas carols and singing along. So here I sit and of course, lifting enters my mind. And the wonderful opportunities I have been given in my life.

Of course elitefts is always #1 on my things I am grateful for and most proud of in terms of the iron.  I just wanted to say thank you for reading my log, checking in and being patient with what I define is some pretty poor posting. I love being part of team elitefts and all that it represents. And most importantly, I love you all. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

Shifting gears...I should be a saint. No lie. My patience is through the roof unless my fun meter is empty. Then you better watch out. The Big Guy's shoulder surgery has been an exercise in patience for both of us. I almost feel bad complaining or feeling impatient. After all, I sleep GREAT each and every night. He's lucky to get about three hours of constant interruption per night.

Today I was helping him in the shower (when did I sign up for this?) and I was ready to snap. My fun meter was empty. I walked out of the bathroom and went right to social media and made a post as some form of therapy I suppose. It said,

"A true Christmas miracle would be The Big Guy to be able to lotion his own hooves. Just saying." He still doesn't know I posted that and am sure he wouldn't be amused. It was an act of desperation trying to pep talk myself in the all too familiar ritual of putting lotion on his hooves and legs.  Not to mention the million things every day he is not able to do himself.

Well someone must have been listening because dang it, when I followed him to help, he did it all by himself. I didn't even have to roll my eyes, express my impatience, or pretend I wasn't listening that he would have to resort to self sufficiency.  It's just a sign that healing is in process and he's on track to a much better 2017.  He's already planning his bench return so good for him. I know this hasn't been easy for him at all so I feel sorta bad poking fun at him and his misfortune.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas. However you define your own Christmas miracle, I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love most.