It's never too early to plan your training! This one is gonna be good, kids....

We decided to take Mike Johnston's beloved Femme Fatale Strongwoman Classic on the road this year to help alleviate travel costs/distance for the women in the NW. You may not know this but the northwest is a hot bed of high quality strongwomen talent.

Having opportunities to this magnitude available on in the NW is HUGE!

So, what's going down....

Idaho's Strongest Man/Femme Fatale Classic
& USS Record Breaker

On Friday, April 7, 2017 we will be holding USS Record Breaker Event. Records able to be contested include: max log, max axle press, max 18" DL and max DL in all weight classes.

On Saturday, April 8, 2017 will be Idaho's Strongest Man and Femme Fatale Classic at High Desert Harley in Meridian, ID. Willie Wessels and Mike Johnston will be making the trek to Idaho to share in a good time with us all.

Tentative Events:
-Axle Press For Reps
-18" Tire DL For Reps
-Truck Pull
-Yoke/Farmers Carry Medley
-Stone Load Series

Teen, LW/HW Women, LW/HW Men, Masters Men
Novice Women/Novice Men

To be clear, this is a 2017 USS Nationals Qualifier, USS Record Breaker AND Qualifier for 2017 Pro Women's Worlds.

More details & entry to come....