2016 has been a productive strongman season returning back to the sport. In June I took third place in the Open SHWW with United States Strongman. In September I won the HWW America's Strongest Master with Strongman Corporation. I would like to continue to make improvements and push my performance considerably for next year.

As of right now, I have no competition plans until next year. I am not sure what they will be but am using this down time to address some weaknesses, particularly 12" log and circus DB. Grip training will return as well.

Last year I successfully dropped 50-55 lbs depending on the day.  That was last year. This is now.

Through my burn out this winter, I have managed to pack on 20 lbs. Or maybe 25. Not gonna lie, at the time it felt good. I have meat prepped in the freezer, waiting for me in my neat little Chinese carryout containers.

Each week I promise myself this is the week I am going to get it all together, I'm committed and ready to go. First it was the million snow days that had me re-evaluate life goals which suddenly added in pro snow shoveler, master napper and baking wizard. Then the next Monday would come and I would chuck good intention out the door running late for work in my usual style.

It all came to a screeching halt this morning .

I grabbed a post weight loss pair of pants and those suckers wouldn't even button. Like serious?? I waited forever to buy new clothes, finally did and now I'm out growing them and reconsidering skirts again on the daily. Maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit. I bought these specific pants a bit on the tighter side, anticipating continued weight loss. It's fun and games until the fat messes up my wardrobe plans and send me into a frenzy trying to get out the door for work.

All day long I was serious, it's time to get my act together. I don't want to lose all the progress I made last year and have to start over. Plus I LIKE being on a plan. The structure is great and makes life more manageable without wondering what I am having for dessert that evening. Yep, got it. Committed. On board.

Ready to make a change. Until....

I come home and Biggin's training partner Dan, posted a Girl Scout Cookie order form on my wall.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! EVERY year it's the same story. I literally go hog wild over Christmas and into January. Then the panic sets in that spring is right around the corner, I have competitions to prep for, find my self dignity and DON'T order cookies. Not ordering cookies is a great internal feat and something I pat myself on the back for each and every year. The temptation is so great. It's almost like a conspiracy of all the little uniforms getting together for a national conference on how to mess with Wattles.

You can imagine over the years how many sweet, little Girl Scouts would come and visit my classroom trying to get me to sell my soul to Thin Mints. Those clever Girl Scouts even stepped up their game. When I moved on to junior high, they would recruit older sisters or brothers to pop in and see if I'd like to order some cookies. Or their moms/dads or maybe even other teachers would leave order forms out in the faculty room just in case anyone was interested. It's a clever scheme and definitely hard to shake. Luckily, they have not gotten their tentacles into me in high school. Yet.

But back to fattie mode...

Then spring arrives and I'm in panic fattie mode looking for a fix after training hard. So I start driving around to all of the local grocery stores looking for a troop selling cookies near the entrance. Then I bring home a few boxes of Thin Mints, take a deep breath and POOF! Gone. Just. Like. That. Definitely 60 seconds or less to scarf down about $15.

He's In On The Conspiracy

I like Dan. I like his wife. I like supporting people. I really like supporting kids. I LOVE Girl Scout Cookies. This whole situation is so flawed and a set up for failure regardless.

Thinking Dan might understand my plight, I respond,

"The problem with Girl Scout cookies is they come out right as fattie mode ends. So disappointing, every year same problem."

Like the good uncle and salesman he is, Dan replies, "purchase, freeze, then eat when fattie mode begins."
Riggghhhtt DanCuz that's how the Girl Scout Cookie coup works.
I'm not new here. Do you not understand what fattie mode can do in 60 seconds or less? It's total destruction. Not to mention my kids seeing the boxes laying around with complete incredulousness. "Who let fattie, undisciplined, scary mom in the house today?" They may not say it, but we all know they think it. Then they talk among themselves about the crumbs on my face and shirt, pointing and laughing. THEN start complaining about why I didn't share. As if.
So here we are, just like every single year over at least the past decade. Will I order? Yeah, probably something. Maybe a box of Trefoils. NOBODY likes Trefoils.