Last week when I was doing tire flip/farmers medley, I popped a rib out of place. I received some great suggestions for how I could pop it back into place and it worked! Slamming my back against the parking pole in the parking lot wasn't effective, but the peanut ball things were. So I was able to breathe again but everything was out of whack.

I went in to my chiro for help. Turned out to be a lower rib and he said I would probably have issues for a little bit. While I was there, I had him look at my arms. My bicep has been feeling strained from the stone of steel and all the grip work I've been doing, my press is crap and my arms fall asleep at night again.

He started the torture (Graston) which normally I can handle, no prob. This time he went ham and my arms were like Flaming Hot Cheetos like two minutes into the ordeal. I might have even said ouch a few times, which equates to GIANT WUSS. That hurt. His feedback about the arms is I've come in for it before, it's likely grip influenced and oftentimes pressing issues aren't necessarily shoulder issues but tightness in the triceps on down the arms. BINGO!

While my arms were victims of torture, after I left his office I could finally get myself into a fairly reasonable rack position for press/front squat. I had bruises on my arms most of the week, they trembled and ached with the slightest use and they HURT. BADLY. No serious, BADLY. Trust me on this. I didn't see any value in training DL/Squat day with my arms all messed up and everything falling apart, especially with a contest next week and then nationals about a month away.