2016 has been a productive strongman season returning back to the sport. In June I took third place in the Open SHWW with United States Strongman. In September I won the HWW America's Strongest Master with Strongman Corporation. I would like to continue to make improvements and push my performance considerably for next year.

As of right now, I have no competition plans until next year. I am not sure what they will be but am using this down time to address some weaknesses, particularly 12" log and circus DB. Grip training will return as well.

The metal stones have now become a staple event in many Strongman Corporation comps. While there are some benefits to using this implement, many competitors do not have nearly $1000 to purchase one for training. Many try to simulate what they think a metal stone load might be like and often train performing tackyless stone loads. Then come competition day, they hope for the best with carry over.

Personally, I do not find a great correlation between a metal stone load and a tackyless load in training.  There are some things a competitor CAN do on competition day to be best prepared for this event without touching the implement prior to the comp.

These are some tips that have been very effective for me.

Chalk is NOT optimal on this event.

There are better options that will yield far better results.

Receiver gloves are a MUST

The palm surface is grippy and helps aid any wrist weaknesses on the final extension. Just by committing and putting on the gloves, you can almost immediately double if not triple your reps within seconds! Easy PR and you're leaving too much on the table to insist you don't need them.

However, be prepared that the gloves will slip. I wrap my wrists a few times with Coban type wrap. Then the gloves go on leaving maybe a two inch strip of Coban. Then, tape the edge of the gloves to the Coban. This routine significantly reduces glove slippage in your load which if it happens, will stop you dead in your tracks.

Tacky Towels are Essential

Apply the tacky towels all over your forearms and thoroughly on the palms of the gloves. There is enough "stick" to last you well into the double digits on stone load for reps.

Spray Tacky

Spray tacky is a disaster. It's a good option for a max stone load but after just a few reps, it is not reliable and the stone will start slipping much quicker than with tacky towels. Do NOT spray it onto your gloves. It just balls up, falls right off and ruins the effectiveness of your gloves. Yes, I learned the hard way. And yes, now I need new gloves.

Tacky Spray


The residue of spray tacky is worse than traditional tacky in my opinion.  While this picture looks like a furry man, this is the tacky residue left on my arms. This stuff is painful  because the reside is so fine. At one point I wasn't sure if I was peeling off skin or adhesive, or perhaps both.


 You're Up!

When it's you're turn to go on the event, come prepared for the event. Arrange to have a training partner, coach or fellow competitor come to the implement with you. Your hands will be covered with tacky towel and you don't want to mess up your "stick".

Have a damp cloth with you in case there was a previous competitor who opted to use chalk on this event. Wipe that stuff off as best as you can without saturating the stone. Also, have a tacky towel on your person or right near you in the event you need to retack.

I have seen people go from a max of two reps using chalk on the first set to 9 reps on the very next set using gloves and tacky towels. The tacky towels are essential, but trust me when I say the receiver gloves are just as important for your performance.

Sunday Training:

Metal stone loads up to 200 lbs, just playing around.

Grippers, COC 2.5 and 2.0

Still taking it light, getting some cardio in during the week and taking training as it comes. Training for two competitions back to back has sort of burned me out. I'm taking a mental health break and picking things up as I feel like it.