I competed at Strongman Corporation's Master's Nationals. You can catch up on results here.


Sure, I like winning. But I am not super satisfied with myself and my performance. I want to move past being the "smart" competitor and do some cool stuff and push my own boundaries. I just don't know what that is right now.

My Mental Inventory of Performance Includes:

-shoulder issues need to be addressed

-Circus DB and 12" Log need to be addressed

-Improve my work capacity with any type of medley

-Improve overall explosiveness

Things That Are Solid


-overall brute force

In short, that's where I see myself right now.

Mattie and I were discussing the next training plan. He's talking hypertrophy and I'm talking anything but hypertrophy. He's talking cut, I'm talking fatty mode. He's talking a 50 lb drop, I'm talking maybe 25 lbs. So, yeah.  We're at a crossroad right now. The mutual vision we have is banging out some grip training this winter.

Since the competition, I'm just wrecked. Super tired, laying low and planning the next phase and potential competitions for next year. Maybe not knowing or anticipating is the best place to be.