I competed at Northern Nevada's Strongest Man V this weekend. My write up is coming tomorrow so keep an eye out for that. Spoiler alert...I qualified for Master's Nationals. Really, that's a joke. I did but to qualify only required me to complete the competition since there was not a masters class offered and I competed open. Done.

So, now on to fully focus on Master's Nats on September 16, 2016. The Nevada events were a good segway into prepping for masters nats.

The Events

Axle Clean & Press, 160 lbs

Fatback Farmers Carry (carry 30 feet, DL implements x4, carry 30 feet, DL implements x4) Fastest time wins, 180 lbs

Max Distance Keg Carry, 200 lbs

Frame Hold For Time, 380 lbs

Stone of Steel for Reps, 175 lbs

Things I have to be better prepared with:

1. Conditioning

2. Ability to move quickly

3. Mental toughness

4. Effective time management to complete full training sessions with going back to work.

It's a relief to be back to prepping for one contest without distraction. I feel pretty good with where I am currently at on these events in training. It's time to fine tune and push myself.