Like usual, I made an abrupt and last minute decision concerning my competition plans. I will be competing in Northern Nevada's Strongest Man on August 13, 2016 in order to qualify for Master's Nationals in Vegas at the Olympia on September 16. In short, I changed my direction because of my love for grip and as a long time advocate to see the return to more grip inclusion in strongman. Northern Nevada's Strongest has max distance farmers and Master's Nats has an awesome farmer's type medley and frame hold for time. The events were calling me. In short, I am in love.

From July 31, 2016


Yesterday I spent way too much time on the DB with Mattie, didn't get any of my medley work in and have completely dropped the ball on my nationals prep on the 200 lb keg carry. So I hit the gym today to clean up all of the chalk everywhere and get some things done. I was seriously there 2 1/2 hours before I was able to mentally work towards being willing to do my medley work. This biggun is having some mental issues with moving lately. I am getting concerned so that tells me it's time to step it up. The medley at Reno and the keg carry at nationals are very important and I need to perform.

Warm up was empty Prowler, 2x50 feet.

Something odd happened today....I was quick and loose! Not sure what was different but that was a success right out of the gate. It typically takes forever to get my knees warmed up and ready to go.

Medley Work
Sandbag (150 lbs)/tire flip (550 lbs) medley - 1x 50 feet each leg
Sandbag (150 lbs)/tire flip (550 lbs)/160 leg - 1x50 feet each leg

Keg Carry
160 lbs, 2x50 feet
220 lbs, 1x100 feet WOW! Not sure where that came from but am super excited how easy it felt. The keg carry event at nationals is 200 lb keg for max distance so it's time to put the work in and make some improvements!

Fat Block Pinch

35, 1x3
45, 1x1
50, 1x1
55, 1x0
45, 3x3