Elitefts™ Anti-Rotational Drills (Pallof Press)

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Elitefts™ Director of Education Mark Watts explains two anti-rotation exercises for the torso using the elitefts™ light bands and the Blast Straps™ in the Collegiate Power Rack while Associate Editor Jordan Houser demonstrates.

One of the primary functions of the abdominal muscles is to stabilize the lumbo-pelvic hip complex.  This could mean eccentrically "bracing" against extension or rotation.  These two variations of the Pallof press are excellent for developing static and dynamic stability for the "core".

Using the elitefts™ light band, the athlete will stand in an athletic stance with soft knees.  Start the exercises by holding the fists centered in the chest and keeping balance on the mid-line.  Slowly press the fists away, then return to the chest.

Progressions and Regressions:

  1. Increase the band tension by...
    1. Standing farther away from the rack
    2. Using an Average band or doubled monster minis
  2. Change the COG by...
    1. Holding the band higher
    2.  Narrow the stance

Using a staggered stance, the athlete will hold the blast straps at their chest while leading away from the rack.  Emphasis a straight line through the mind-line of the body.  Press the hands away from the body and return to the starting position.

Progressions and Regressions:

  1. Move the feet closer to the rack
  2. Move the feet closer together (front to back)
  3. Hold the hands higher

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