Elitefts™ SS Yoke Bar Box Squat w/ Chains & Forward attached Bands

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Todd Brock demonstrates SS Yoke Bar™ Squats with Elitefts™Pro Light Bands attached to the front of the Signature Monolift.  The combination of using the SS Yoke Bar along with the forward placement of the bands forces the lifter to work extremely hard in keeping "an arch" while squatting.  This bar and the set-up are both outstanding tools to reinforce proper posture in the squat.


Elitefts™ Signature Monolift
Elitefts™ SS Yoke Bar
Elitefts™ Pro Light Bands
Elitefts™ Squat Box
Elitefts™ Chains
EZ Squat-Bench Strap Loader

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