Do your shoulders and elbows take abuse when you squat? Don't have access to an SS Yoke Bar or a Spider Bar? The OBB Power Handles will be your saving grace.

The Power Handles were created by Brian Schwab one of the most consistent powerlifters in the world and owner of Orlando Barbell. They are an incredibly versatile product that can fit on most barbells. However I'm not here to show you how to squat with them.

Here are some different uses for the Power Handles that will make other exercises much more effective.

Farmers Walks:


Forearm Raise:


Shoulder Presses:


These are just 3 of the seemingly unlimited options you have with the Power Handles. They can attach to any dumbbells and screw in with bolts. Adding length to the dumbbells creates a longer moment arm requiring much more stability and constant force to complete the movement which will recruit more muscle fibers. Get creative and take your training to the next level!

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