In this video, elitefts™ Social Media Director Matt Ladewski performs a variation of the typical split squat.  Split squats in general are already quite a brutal exercise, but Ladewski's take on them takes the split squat burn to a whole new level.

The split squat is an exceptional exercise that can be used as a supplemental lift for squats.  It develops both leg strength and hypertrophy.  There is no question that split squats are more difficult to perform than lunges, and consequently you experience much more of a burn in your quads.  This is do to the nature of the exercise.  When performing split squats your time under tension is increased in comparison to any style of lunges.  Do to the nature of the exercise, your range of motion is increased when your back leg is propped up on a bench (or anything else).  Because of this there is a hip flexibility component necessary when performing this exercise.  It is important to keep your chest up, no different than when performing squats.  You should have a wide enough stance so as your knees do not go beyond your toes as you squat down.


The variation that Matt Ladewski performs in this video is called a Serrano split squat drop set.  You can see that each rep Matt performs has three parts to it, and if that's not enough, he adds pausesAlways descend and pause at the full depth: you then ascend and pause at 1/3 of the way up, down and pause, 2/3 of the way up with a pause, down and pause, and finally a full repThat is one!

For each drop set Ladewski makes the load lighter by removing chains and finishes with a body weight set.  He is performing this exercise with chains and a specialized tsunami barbell for an added stability component and take it a little easier on the shoulders.