Your friendly internet personal-training-for-super-profits guy:

1. Does NOT want you to make a "six figure income." He is trying to make his own "six figure income" by selling you shit.

2. I would say he doesn't care whether you make a "six figure income" or not, but he does care - in a negative way. He doesn't want to have to compete with you. If he taught legitimate methods to other people, those methods would be improved upon and his curriculum would then be obsolete. Therefore, he simply wants to move as much product as he can and then wash his hands of the deal.

3. Is not showing you how he achieved this mythical "six figure income," because what the f--k is his incentive for doing so? People don't give away their competitive secrets. Those who do are called "college professors." College professors generally teach because they're not 100% involved in the competitive aspects of a profession or because they've chosen to do research.

4. Question: Is someone who posts 20 status updates per day on Facebook someone you should be listening to? For anything?

5. The best trainers you know are guys who are busy training dozens of clients every day. Why, then, would you listen to someone who doesn't, or hasn't for several years?

6. Anyone who posts more than one motivational quote per month on Facebook should automatically draw your skepticism. If your Hannibal and Vince Lombardi quotes can't carry you over for more than a couple of hours, they're not really leading the rest of us into battle, either.

7. Avoid anyone who uses the term "six figure income." It's a come-on for idiots and guys who live in the basement.

8. This is an old EFS maxim, but if a guy doesn't train, or doesn't look like he can know the deal.

9. There is only one "world record" in each category of lifting. If your "six figure income" guy claims to hold a "world record," he likely doesn't. Forming a federation with two members, then beating that guy in a meet, doesn't mean you've set a "world record," so be wary of all these "world record holders" out there.

10. Finally, beware of guys who tell you how "easy" it is. It's not. The economy sucks, and there's no can't-lose system. The pool of people who want to hire personal trainers is not unlimited. It's closer to finite than it is to constantly growing. There is competition for this pool of people. Get them in ridiculous shape. They will tell their friends. You will get clients. Act like a used-car salesman and people will see through that and go elsewhere.