For over a decade, James "The Thinker" Smith has been a staple on Through his writing, James facilitated critical thinking among coaches. Coaches in the field that are constantly asking "why" are often drawn together with being that beacon of like-mindedness. Smith, coming from a musical background used his own experiences training to become a Navy SEAL to formulate his own philosophies and question popular and often antiquated training methodologies.

Vertical Integration Meets Conjugated Periodization

James Smith was one of the first to combine the late Charlie Francis' Training System with Louie Simmons' Westside Barbell Training system. Smith would challenge the philosophical differences between more traditional training based on a lack of alternative methodology. Smith was ahead of her time on the topics of high-low central nervous system sequencing, year-round speed training, doses of load, volume, and intensity. Deciphering what is applicable from the eastern bloc methodologies for a team setting at various levels is just one of the many reasons James is still a coveted consultant in the NFL, NCAA, and private units around the country.

The Thinker is continually evolving and admits that his own philosophies have changed during his career. He would encourage other coaches across the country to do the same.

Topics in Podcast

  1. Self-Educated Beginnings
  2. Learning from SEAL Training
  3. How James Connected with elitefts™
  4. Combining the WSBB and the Charlie Francis Training Systems
  5. Segregation between the Sport Coach and the Physical Preparation Coach
  6. Relationships between Physical Preparation and High-Performance Sports Training
  7. Thermodynamics to Explain Coaching Systems
  8. Changes to the Collegiate Training
  9. The Problem with Tactical Performance Training
  10. Addressing the Injury Potential of Collision-Combat Sports
  11. How to Contact James

"James first joined team elitefts™ in 2005 and has grown into what I consider the best physical preparatory program specialist in the world. I have seen, spoke to, worked with and seen many of the best coaches in the world and not one of them come close to the programing skills of James "The Thinker" Smith. I can't count the number of times he has sent me an email after seeing something that was a bit off in my training log. These emails not only explained what was off but why and how to fix it. In every single case it worked. The most recent dealt with coming back from total hip replacement. I hit a sticking point and couldn't over come it. Out of all the people I asked not one expert had the right answer. James noticed the frustration in my log and sent me an email with the answer and within one week the issue was resolved and I was back on track.

Years ago James asked me a very profound question that changed the way I look at strength coaches and trainers. He asked me who I would trust to train my kids. Many years and surgeries later I discovered an even more profound question to ask. Who would I trust to help me when I get into a bind?

The answer is simple... James Smith"

- Dave Tate founder Inc