The first few months Tobi Jacobi was on the job at Kent State University, he held a one-day strength clinic. That was the first time I met him and was impressed with his work-ethic, his demeanor, and his passion for helping his athletes reach their goals. Coach Jacobi was intense when presenting and displayed a genuine desire to educate everyone at the clinic. It was obvious how much he wanted to give back to the profession.

Fast forward to almost 10 years later and I start to really understand where Tobi gets his tenacity and humility. Not many coaches can balance the all necessary ego of a coach with the humility to give credit where credit is due. One thing is certain in that Tobi Jacobi is grateful for all of the lessons he has learned in the profession. Some from mentors and some from hardships; the combination of experience and knowledge helped him make wise choices to overcome the obstacles that strength coaches often face.

At the end of the day, strength coaches are (or at least should be) judged by the positive impact they have and the meaningful relationships they build. Tobi Jacobi makes certain he lives and coaches by that mantra and his athletes benefit from it. Being confident enough to live unapologetically by your values is a character trait that not all coaches have the luxury to live by. For Coach Jacobi, it's the only way.

Topics Covered in This Podcast

  1. The Journey
  2. The Family Sacrifice
  3. Gong from a Head Position
  4. Dealing with Being Let Go
  5. Humility
  6. You Cannot Be Successful without an Ego
  7. Becoming A Better Coach by Fitting in with Other Coaches
  8. The Transition from College to High School
  9. Training Multi-Sport Athletes
  10. Parents vs Sport Coaches
  11. Getting Kids Strong in Limited Time
  12. As Little Specialization As Possible
  13. Consistency is King
  14. Box Squats for All Athletes
  15. Chris Doyle and Programming
  16. Assessments for Athletes
  17. Coach Jacobi's 5 Specific Assessments
  18. A Typical Training Week
  19. Why Coach Jacobi Wants All His Athletes to Talk with Him
  20. Taking Pride in Your Last Name
  21. Implementing A Leadership Program
  22. Communicating with Sport Coaches and Parents
  23. Face-Time Is Vitally Important
  24. Have the Best Interest of the Athlete in Mind
  25. E-Mail Is the Devil
  26. Get Out of the Weight Room
  27. Advice for Young Coaches
  28. Figure Out What You Don't Know and Learn It
  29. Call or Visit the Best Coaches in the Industry

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The Tobias Jacobi File
Tobias Jacobi is the Strength & Conditioning Coach at Strong Rock Christian School, where he is responsible for training all of the sports teams and conducting weight training classes for the high school age student. A part of Strong Rock since early 2014, Jacobi developed the training protocols for the Academy’s weight training classes as well as the training programs for the Academy’s athletic teams. Prior to joining Strong Rock, Jacobi spent 14 and a half years as a collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach, where he worked with 23 different sports and seven different colleges from NAIA to Division 1 FBS.
-Bio courtesy NSCA

Strong Rock Christian School; May 2014 - Current
East Carolina University; January 2012-May 2014
Charleston Southern; May 2008-January 2012
Kent State; July 2006-April 2008
Western Carolina University; July 2002-July 2006
Elon University; June 2001-July 2002
North Carolina Chapel Hill; August 2000-May 2001
Cumberland University; November 1999-August 2000

Cumberland University
B.S. Physical Education 2000
minor Health

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