This was sent to Dave via the Q&A.


The recent article in T Nation, "How Weight Training Saved My Life" has inspired me to write this: "How Weight Training IS Saving My Life."

My story doesn't involve any life or death situation. I wasn't brought up in a broken home surrounded by negative influences, and weight training was my only salvation. I was never involved in any type of horrific accident where the only reason my life was spared was due to my physical condition acquired through the hours spent in the gym. In all reality, my story pales in comparison to most people's, but I feel that at this point in my life, weight training is still saving my life.

I am a recently married, first year medical student. However, my school is in the Caribbean and my wife is back home in the States going to school for nursing. After living together for three years, I had to uproot and travel down here alone. It has been a very difficult transition to say the least. Not only because of the incredible demands of school, but also due to the fact that I now live in what's known as a "developing nation." Which means my standard of living is considerably lower than it was back home.

There are not many aspects of my life that are within my control at this time, except for training. This is the one familiar constant that I have. When my homework is piled up, my exams and lab practicals are coming up, I'm sweating my ass off in a crap-hole of an apartment, and I'm missing my wife more than anything in the world - I will head to the tiny campus gym. When I'm there, I am in total control. It's just me and the weights, no one else. Either I man up and lift, or I let them crush me. I will use my frustration to fuel my training. I wage a war against the iron like no other. I have continued to train like this on a regular schedule, and continued to set PRs. Knowing that I am able to do this is helping me through this difficult time in my life.

Like I said, my story isn't anything special. There are many people who have it much worse than I do. I cannot imagine what it's like for all of the troops overseas that have left behind husbands, wives, and children and may never see them again. I am in no way saying that I deserve anything because of what I am doing. After reading Matt's, Shelby's and your stories...I was inspired share mine.