Marshall Johnson: Iron Battle on the Mississippi (Part 2)

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I have never been so satisfied by such a sub-par performance. Although I squatted 1041, and yes that is a lot of weight, I've done more and therefore was prepared to squat more. I had goals set for this meet and I didn't meet them. But that doesn't mean I won't achieve them, I will. It could be very, very easy for me to have a negative attitude about my performance. However, thanks to a young man, Jake Rasch, a lifter at the meet, I remembered that I need to find the positive in all situations. I am finding that the stronger I get, and the heavier the weights get, the slightest little mistakes can have a huge ripple effect. An inch too far or an inch to less, starting my press a second too late, can all have a huge effect on the end product. I need to have confidence on meet day that I am prepared.

Regardless of my performance, I had an amazing day at the meet both watching and meeting tons and tons of people. It was so cool to meet all these people I have never met that follow my log. There were so many novice lifters there, fathers training daughters, high school kids—it was just amazing. I was getting a glimpse of the future of the sport, and I just tried to leave a positive footprint. One thing that is so amazing about our sport, is its ability to build confidence. There was a 15-year-old, young lady named Sophie, who I met a year ago at this same meet with her dad. At that time, he said she had self-esteem issues and really didn't have a place to call her own. This year he recalls how powerlifting has destroyed those self-esteem issues. Seeing her a year later, I find that she is really coming into her own as both a lifter and a person. She is very strong as well.

I must have met at least thirty people face to face, that were either new to the sport, followed my log, or had an appreciation for powerlifting. Meets like this, really remind me why I am in this sport and why I love being with elitefts™. I have my own personal goals, but my main goal (that sometimes I lose sight of) is to help the sport grow, and help people grow. So when I say that I have never been so satisfied with such a sub-par performance, this is what I mean.

This weekend was just beautiful. I loved it. I would take a mediocre performance any day of the week if I could have this great of an experience.
I would like to give a big thank you to elitefts™, Animal,  South Side Bully, my wife, the Nutters, Dakota Barbell, Pam Bosko, Frank Tekautz, Barzeen Vaziri, Stepen Wagner, Austin Valentine, Manly Nutter, Bill Carpenter, Rob Luyando, Dean Bennit, Dan G, Stephanie Binney, and Shannon Kane. I know that I am leaving people out...I just know it. If I think of you, I will definitely come back into this and put you in. So please do not take offense if I missed you this initial time.

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