WDYW? Do You Know Who Won This Contest?

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The contest was to get as many Facebook "likes" as possible and whoever had the most likes, won. Who do you think won and why? Be sure to place your responses in the comment section and like us on Facebook!

1. EFS Age Hoodie/Strong(er) Tee

2. Strong(her) Tee/EFS Strong(er) Squat Shirt

3. EFS Shield Flex Hat

4. EFS Rocky Hoodie/EFS Girl Block Squat Hoodie

5. EFS Walk-Thru Monolift

6. Prepare Perform Prevail Tees

7. EFS Agency Tri-Blend/Girl Vintage Softball Tee

8. Seasonal: 4th of July Limited Edition Tank

9. EFS Walk-Thru Monolift

10. Strong(her) Script Hoodie/EFS Gray P3 Hoodie

11. Train Tee and Hoodie

12. EFS Conquer Tee/Property of elitefts™ Tank

13. Seasonal: Skeleton Squat/EFS Squat Girl Tee

14. Seasonal: Prowler Flu Pumpkin/Train Tee

15. EFS Get HOOGE Tee/Strong(her) Script Hoodie

16. Stronger Brotherhood/Strong(her) Burnout

17. Metal Singlet/EFS XXM Hoodie

18. EFS Block Squat Tank/Splatter Love V-Neck

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