What Do YOU Think Sucks?

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Today is officially "That Sucks!" day. Instead of us ranting about everything that we think sucks, we decided to ask you.

“Fake D-bol! Wait…what?” – Michael Kerley

“Squatting in the curl rack, it drives me mad!” – Jay Smith

“People who still blame others for their shortcomings and people who won't bleed for what they want. If you won't bleed for what you want to accomplish in life, then you deserve nothing.” – Larry Brown

“Getting really sick before the day of a meet.” – Jacob Rothenberg

“Blowouts.” – Jim Seratt

“People who want everything, but will do nothing. They suck monkey gonads.” – Brandon Braner

“Children that don't know how to put stuff back when they're done. People that mismatch plates on a storage rack. For example, a 25 pound plate stacked under a bunch of 45s.” – Kristopher Freedain

“Allergies suck. Not breathing sucks.” – Tiffany Gurnsey

“Not hitting PRs.” – Chad McDaniel

“Taxes.” – Randy Zieba

“Bicep tendons tearing mid-deadlift.” - Daniel Koffler

“Rain!” – Michael Landry

“Chicks who want to be friends without benefits.” – Dennis Thompson

“Spanish.” – John Vandy

“Taking a shit that doesn't break off cleanly.” – Phil Johnson

“Lack of Oreos at the grocery store.” – Brian E. Berchtold

“Obama's health care bill!” – John Petruzzi

“People. They can ruin a day in less than a minute.” – Corey Smash

“Todays workout…blah!” – Jess Golden

“Weak people.” – Jens Meulengracht

“People. People. People.” – Chad Clark

“Pooping yourself.” – Ben Kuhns

“The belly ache after downing an entire jumbo box of shredded wheat in one sitting.” – Bobby Seewald

“Taking a fat dump after knocking out 10 tacos.” – Dillon Ivey

“People who feed their kids shit food with zero nutritional value. And then they wonder why their kids are obese and out of shape.” – Marjorie Dan Leary

“Poop pains.” - Corey Smash

“Missing a squat rack power curl workout…” – Jason Taylor

“Blowing ass while pulling sumo and not being quite sure whether or not it was gaseous…or if your shorts have met their untimely demise.” – Phil Johnson

“When your turds have a sharp tip and it hurts like hell to push out.” – Patrick Hackley-Hough

“Getting in a fist fight while buck naked. All that flopping around…plain sucks.” - Dave Webb

“Missing a lift in training two weeks out from a meet.” – Chris Knack

“Chalk free gyms.” – Don Day

“Gold’s gym. Thank god I just got my rack setup in the garage.” – Michael Redick

“People who swear that starving themselves is an effective way to lose weight.” – Bob McCabe

“Life.” – Brad Austermuehle

“People who stand right in front of the dumbbell rack.” - Lathan Moore

“Elbow and arm pain when squatting and benching. Nightmare times.” - Jamie Hunter

“Not being in Rhodestown…yet.” – Sam Michael Smith

“Explaining what I'm doing every time I use bands or chains to some jackass doing curls.” – David Cunningham

“EliteFTS shipping costs to Europe.” – Josh Schmidt

“The Cleveland Browns.” – Dan Ketter

“My second ex-wife. When I turn 50. Being six foot two inches and 265 pounds, and STILL being the runt of my family.” - Clay Edgin

“Running.” – Nicholas Aaron Bruce

“Skid Marks!” – Jamie Sulc

“People who spit when they talk.” – Rob Logan

“The sizing on the EFS heavy elbow sleeves.” – Brennan Gillespie

“Lots of poop talk.” – Brian Daniel

“Internet judges!” – Dan Hernandez

“My ex-wife, people who wear all under armour to the gym. Having to explain a good morning to people. Cardio. When a new client says to me…’I just want to tone’.” – Danny Foreman

“Not hitting a PR.” – Jacob Majewski

“Individuals who ask for advice and then criticize YOU on your training methods and advice. Gym employees interrupting you mid-set because you broke a variety of idiotic rules. Messy poo and no TP.” – Kevin Gural

“Congress.” – Edwin Lewis

“Hot shot young trainers who want to tell me how to tone...until they see me DL their body weight without flinching.” – Mandy Trept

“Stepping in dog shit barefoot is pretty bad.” – Brian McLaughlin

“Tanning, Tap Out and shirts with wings on them.” – Zac Phillips

“Liberals, high squatters and rap music.” – Sean O’Brien

“Hack Squats.” – Lucy Unger

Did we forget anything? Let us know below?

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