For the 5th episode of the Peak Mental Performance Podcast, I interviewed the one and only Jim Wendler, author of 5/3/1. We discussed a diverse group of topics including the foundations for successful strength programming.

A theme that has become more prevalent in Jim’s content is the concept of “discipline over motivation."  In the training and competition world, we frequently see articles, videos, and memes designed to inspire motivation, and they’re usually in an exciting and “sexy” package. What many people forget is that motivation, as an emotional response, is fleeting. Some days you're motivated and others you aren't, but does this affect the intensity with which you train and compete?

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This is where discipline comes in. Discipline is built into habits and developed every single day, whether you feel motivated or not. Discipline allows you to train effectively and consistently long-term. If you focus on developing discipline, rather than the roller coaster that is motivation, you will be more successful in both training and in life.

These discipline-related principles frame the discussion that Jim and I have in this episode. We also discuss various training principles that all circle back to the idea of prioritizing discipline.

  • (1:22) Paralysis by analysis
  • (3:10) Discipline vs. Motivation
  • (10:37) Mental and physical challenges in training
  • (16:14) Principles being taught at the High School Level
  • (23:13) Training “too light”
  • (33:40) Peaking is overrated
  • (41:02) Lessons from other disciplines

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