LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip — Dave Tate and Brian Alsruhe Discuss Dangers of Supplements

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Here’s a little tip from Dave that was worth addressing for those who may have concerns about heart health.

After a question about the importance of potassium and sodium comes in, while Brian’s chaotic eating schedule can offer very little insight into how to plan yours, Dave gives a reminder that you should be extremely cautious when manipulating your intake of nutrients that have a direct impact on how your heart functions.

Potassium and sodium have a large impact on your blood pressure and heart function and so do many other vitamins and minerals. Before adding in any supplements, talk to your doctor because “fucking around with high doses of any of the things that are responsible for the way your heart functions is not a great idea”.

As dumb as it sounds, there have been many recorded cases, including people that Dave knew personally that were thrown into atrial fibrillation just from drinking a Gatorade that was too cold.

And if you weren’t already a little fearful of SOME of the supplements in your cabinet,  Dave and Brian confirm, eating too many vitamin C tablets or chewables can give you some pretty nasty visits to the toilet.

Text By Mason Nowak

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