Old family photo albums are fun. There are the old pets we forgot about, the creepy uncle we're all kind of glad passed away (but no one wants to admit it), and the hideous hair and clothing styles of the past. Unfortunately, photo albums are also outdated; does anyone even print photos anymore?

We've all gone digital and that's okay. To show an appreciation for the past, though, we're sharing some old family photos of the members of Team elitefts — and we're giving you a chance to test your knowledge. In the seventeen photos below, team members are any age between two and sixteen. Can you recognize the younger versions of these elitefts team members?

Post your guess in the comment section below and we'll reveal their true identities Tuesday, November 25th.

UPDATE: It's time for the answers. You've had your chance to identify the team members in the photos, and now we're telling you who is who.

Some of the elitefts™ members were easy to recognize; some weren't. Even here in the office we had a hard time identifying several of the toddlers (but there was no way we could confuse that Clint Darden hair. We're all a little jealous of that style).

Thanks to everyone who participated, especially Chris, David, Gary, Ed, Ryan, Joe, Wayne, Ben, Giovanny, and Cody.

Shelby ribbon 112114 copy

1. I still have a big head and I still dress to kill.

bob youngs ribbon 112114 copy

2. This is me at two years old with my Uncle Tom. My son's middle name came from my uncle.

brandon smitley ribbon 112114 copy

3. I thought I was Michelangelo and smashed pizza while saving my pets from Master Splinter.

eric maroscher ribbon 112114 copy

4. Playing with my very favorite toy dinosaur, and contemplating stealing your soul if you try to take it.

cj ribbon 112114 copy

5. It was the 80’s and I was about to rock a full grown mullet. Mullets rule.

joe schillero ribbon 112114 copy

6. Due to my father's need for quality concrete leveling help, I spent the first 17 years of my life traveling through every loophole in the child labor laws. On a serious note, I was fortunate to learn the value of hard work and appreciation for what I have.

brandon patterson ribbon 112114 copy

7. My interest in the motor patterns of scapular retraction began at an early age.

meana franco ribbon 112114 copy

8. My penmanship has only slightly improved since this picture was taken.

david allen ribbon 112114 copy

9. I had really cool parents.

clint darden ribbon 112114 copy

10. I was freaking JAMMIN' back in 9th grade.

Dave Tate ribbon 112114 copy

11. I'm trying to figure out what that level did. Looking at it now, I still have no idea. Obviously, I was destined to wear Zubaz and Sweat Pants.

joey smith ribbon 112114

12. Picture day in first grade, pimping my Mikey Mouse shirt I got from Disney World that summer before school.

skip ribbon 112114 copy

13. I was country when country wasn't cool.

julia ribbon 112114 copy

14. When I was a kid, my siblings picked on me for the younger and sort of the runt of the family. I had to get my game face on and fight back.

brian ribbon 112114 copy

15. I believe this was my first taste of Coke when I was around three years old on 4th of July.
mark dugdale ribbon 112114 copy
16. At the age of two, I was dreaming of 20" arms.
jennifer ribbon 112114 copy
17. Maybe I was made for Figure.