I Might Be an Asshole But I'm Not Arrogant

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I can be an asshole. I have been accused of being arrogant, but that is usually by someone more arrogant than me that is bothered that my arrogance might detract from others paying attention to their arrogance. I own the asshole part, but not the arrogant part. Only people who cannot stand honesty and my being blunt see me as an asshole. I am not blunt at the expense of tact or couth; I just know that when I ask somebody a question, I want an honest answer. I assume others do as well. Clearly that is not always the case.

The above being said, I am struggling with social media lately. I find it most times turns my stomach. And as much as I am sometimes entertained by it, I shake my head quite a bit trying to figure out if, when something is posted, that the person actually believes it, or if they are just attempting to get everyone else to believe it. If I could, I would not deal with it, at all. However, in the vain world of self-promotion and self-adulation that I find myself living in, it is a necessary evil. As much as I have to put up with it, I can still bitch about it either here in my column or on social media. If I do it on social media, I guess you could say I am no better or worse than the people I am complaining about so...I will just do it here.

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Social media, almost by definition, is made up entirely of people that feel their opinions (and arrogance) absolutely must be cast out, because the world could not possibly function without their input. You would think that in our industry, opinions would be limited to things like training, nutrition, etc., but hell no. Apparently, when you become a self-proclaimed expert in those areas, it just isn’t enough. You are also an expert on all things political and anything related to social issues and current events. Every morning people wake up and must think, “I HAVE to get to Facebook because there are so many people out there waiting for my opinion.”

When did we figure out that our opinion was so much more “right” than everyone else’s? Did people feel this way before social media, but just didn’t have the platform to arrogantly and brashly treat other people that disagreed with them so shitily? (Yes, shitily — it’s a word because I just used it.) What is it in our psyche that makes us feel as if our way of thinking is the only way and anyone that doesn’t feel the same way is basically an idiot?  I disagree with people all of the time, whether it be on social media or face-to-face, and as much as I am considered an asshole, I don’t treat people that way.

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I was called a “cheap fuck” on Facebook the other day by someone that has no clue who I am or the type of person I am. Hell, he didn’t even bother to read the previous comments to know that his comment was childish, arrogant, and inaccurate. What motivates someone to say something like that to someone they have never met or know nothing about? I am sure I have been called worse, so it isn’t as if I am curled up in the corner of my shower, in the fetal position, wondering why I can’t make friends on social media. Instead, I am just trying to figure out what kind of person belittles a fat woman for having confidence and feeling that she is hot? I often wonder what type of shitty person picks on someone for showing up to a bodybuilding show out of shape or too skinny?

I could go on and on: How can a bodybuilder—average at best—give an opinion on Olympic athletes using a cupping technique that he states is clearly ridiculous and doesn’t work? Really? And you were an elite athlete when? And you have had access to elite coaching when? That’s right, never. Oh, but you’re a bodybuilder, so you are king shit.

I did not know until a couple months ago that I was not successful in life because I sometimes don’t take care of my grocery cart in the parking lot. I should have known better but I had no clue until I read this on several bodybuilder’s social media pages. Thank God I did — I mean, I could have ended up unsuccessful and would have had no idea why. I found it oddly ironic that a group of some of the laziest people on the planet would think that not taking care of a shopping cart was bad. And before some of you puff out your chests, I am referring not to the two hours a day a bodybuilder spends in the gym but rather the other 22 hours of the day.

I would like to give some perspective to those that feel they are qualified and that their opinions on all things matter: You are a bodybuilder. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I am one as well. You pick up things and put them down, spending hours in the gym, week after week, month after month. Most of you that do this also make a living “teaching” others how to, well, pick up things in the gym and put them down. You also teach them the rules for dieting like, “Eat chicken and rice five times a day and do some cardio.” Some of you are delusional and have yourselves fooled that you are more intelligent than you are.

If you are an “expert” at anything, it is the mundane. What we (you and I) do is not rocket science and it is not “changing lives,” despite what you may think. It is getting someone more muscular or leaner and maybe winning a show. That isn’t life altering and I think most logical people know this. This might be exactly why we (you more than me) feel the need to impress others with how smart you are in areas other than just picking things up and setting them down.

A little bit of perspective would be nice. A bit of looking inward to recognize your absurd arrogance would be nice. However, we all know that isn’t likely to happen. Why? Because the world would not be what it is without your witty, judgmental posts and well thought-out memes.

And I will be sure to not talk to you while you are training because I am below you — as is the rest of the world. You are a beast. I know this because you constantly remind everyone about it on social media. Just sayin’.


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