J.L. Holdsworth, a long time contributor to elitefts.com™ and owner of The Spot Athletics, has proven to be a premier name in the strength and conditioning industry with personal best meet lifts of a 905-pound squat, 775-pound bench press, and 804-pound deadlift . In this video, Holdsworth introduces the first of his Friday technique videos with advice on the most important part of the deadlift: the starting position. Many lifters miss the weight before ever touching the bar by setting up in a poor starting position. Holdsworth explains every aspect of an optimal starting position, including how to get tightness in the hips and glutes, stance and grip width, shoulder position, and mechanical leverage.

Holdsworth covers how to:

1. Get feet set

2. Take air into stomach

3. Grab bar

4. Pull self into position

5. Lock hips and legs

He also gives a drill to practice and incorporate to help reinforce efficient deadlift set-up.

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