As you may have read in my log, I began cutting my carbs on Monday, cut my sodium and more carbs on Wednesday, then restricted my water intake on Thursday. As usual, I came in too light, at 162.5 pounds. I felt very drained on Friday after weigh-ins and was afraid I may have overdone my weight loss. I rehydrated and got my weight back up close to where it was in training, but still wasn't sure if it would be enough.

We managed to go to sleep early on Friday, 10PM. But around 11PM, after I finally fell asleep, Icarus started flapping his ears frantically and couldn't sleep. All I kept thinking was, "Why? Why does this have to happen the night before my meet?" We got up, inspected his ears, and finally found a tic which I removed and flushed. I thought everything would be fine, but he was still agitated and had trouble falling asleep. Saturday morning I felt decent. I weighed myself with my clothes on to feel better about myself, but still wasn't back to my normal weight or where I wanted to be. My point from this is that meet conditions are never perfect, whether or not you plan for them to be.

As always, I had a plan with a goal for this meet with all of my attempts written in advance. I knew Tony Conyers had dropped to 148 with money on the line, but I was still up against the charismatic Tom Roselli and consistent Jason Patch, both of whom had solid raw totals at 165 pounds. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a great raw lifter. Hell, I don't think I'm great at anything. I'm just determined. If I want to accomplish something, I set out heart and soul to do it. Regardless of the obstacles, regardless of what people may say, regardless of the consequences...when I decide I want to do something I go for it. I may not always accomplish what I set out to, but I'll be damned if I don't give it my all. If I didn't follow this philosophy I probably wouldn't be married, own a gym, or have ever broken a single record. If I ever have a piece of advice to anyone in life, it's this, if you truly want something then go for it, otherwise you live with the regret of never knowing what would've happened if you didn't.

Between the raw and single ply, there were over 70 lifters. We had to be out by 7:30PM, so with the meet starting at 9AM, I knew it'd be close. As always, I tried to time my warm-ups appropriately, but without having to factor in putting gear on, I knew I could easily rush things. It seemed I was at the end of my flight every time, so I tried to get my last warm-up in once the flight had started.

Here I am with legendary raw 165 competitors Tony Conyers, Eric Talmant, and Tom Roselli.



  • 145 x 5
  • 235 x 3
  • 325 x 2
  • 415 x 1


  • 215 kgs/473.7 pounds - Good.

I don't even remember doing it, so I knew it was a good sign.

Second Attempt

  • 232.5 kgs/512.5 pounds

Good for a PR over my previous best of 510 pounds.

Third Attempt

  • 242.5 kgs/534.5 pounds

Good for the APF National Record, WPC World Record, and enough to put me on track for my goal.



  • 95 x 5
  • 135 x 5
  • 185 x 3
  • 225 x 2
  • 275 x 1


  • 147.5 kgs/325 pounds

Good, felt easy.

Second Attempt

  • 155 kgs/341.5 pounds

Good for a PR over my previous best of 340 pounds.

Third Attempt

  • 160 kgs/352.5 pounds

Right before I went, Tom Roselli benched 347 pounds for the record, so I knew I needed this. Got it for the WPC World Record.



  • 135 x 3
  • 225 x 3
  • 325 x 2
  • 405 x 1
  • 475 x 1


  • 250 kgs/551 pounds

Good, easy.

Second Attempt

  • 265 kgs/584 pounds

Good for a PR, APF National Record, and WPC World Record.

Third Attempt

  • 280 kgs/617 pounds

By now I had run out of gas and was done. I ended with a PR 667.5 kg/1471 pound total. I wanted the 617-pound pull for a 1500 total, which is a significant raw total at 165. It didn't happen, but I still got four PRs and world records and went 8 for 9, which was good for first place in the 165s and $500. I was also interviewed by XTremePower.TV and RXMuscle, which should air on Fox Sports and help to promote EliteFTS and Orlando Barbell, so I can't be too upset.

Here's how the rest of the OBB competitors did:

  • Ray Lynch competed as a Junior and in the Open Raw 181s where he squatted 457.4, benched 275, and deadlifted 606 for a 1339 pound total and numerous junior records and second place.
  • Daniel Tinajero had yet another impressive day going 755, benched 650, and deadlifted 677 for a 2082 pound total and first place in the single ply 198 weight class.
  • Ronnie Paras competed in the single ply 220 weight class, where he squatted 777, benched a PR 633, and deadlifted 540 for a 1950 pound total and second place.
  • Rich Gregg competed in the single ply 308 weight class, where he squatted 755, benched 369, and deadlifted 606 for a solid 1730 pound total.

Thanks to Dale Lance, John Land, Jo Jordan, Jim Lynch, Rich Hayes, Sam Wahnish, Toby and Felicia and to all of the OBB Team for training with me, helping to handle me, and cheering me on at the meet. We also provided some of the spotters and loaders including John Hallman, Dave Luce, Nate Archibald, Nelson Cuadras, Carlos, and Greg Godwin judging. As always, thanks to my wife, Trinity, for helping to get me to where I'm at. Thanks to Ann Vanderbush for her help at the meet as well.

There were some great competitors including Tony Conyers, April Mathis, Scott Weech, Taylor Stallings and more. It was a great meet at a great venue.

Receiving my first place medal from head judge Wayne Pullum.