New Year, New Goals

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What are your goals for 2010?

1.)   “Canadian 242 Sub-Master Records 242 Elite total and beyond.” – Nathan

2.)   “World Domination.” – Shelby Starnes

3.)   “To compete in my first powerlifting meet.” – Rene

4.)   “800 pound deadlift and get Dave Tate to mentor me. And most importantly open Northside Barbell.” – Thom

5.)   “To bench four wheels…raw!” – Joe

6.)   “To win my lightweight pro card in Strongman and graduate college.” – Pat

7.)   “All new PRs.” – Andrew

8.)   “Continue to remove the toxicity from my life…be it people, food or situations.” – Charlotte

9.)   “705 deadlift at 186 pounds and more exciting stuff…” – Jan

10.) “To continue to scare the crap out of the teenage boys that will want to go out with my 17 year-old daughter.” – Jim

11.) “Finish school, add more muscle, deadlift 500, and get my shoulder and elbows healthy for pressing.” – Bostjan

12.) “Single-digit body fat. I also want to give myself a beach vacation next December.” – Yuri

13.) “Personal: to be a better Christian and man. Academic: pass math. Powerlifting: hit a 550 squat, 375 bench and 600 deadlift.” – Larry

14.) “600 pound deadlift and a respectable bench press.” – Josh

15.) “1200 total – at 1075 right now – and to compete in my first powerlifting meet.” – Adrian

16.) “General goals: to be stronger - in and out of gear. Specific: squat 550, bench 365, deadlift 560 and qualify for Nationals.” – Nello

17.) “Work harder and pay for my surgery. Not sure how I’m going to do it, but I will. Get good grades at my university, improve all my lifts in the gym and compete for the first time. Busy year!” – Dan

18.) “To be able to squat sometime soon and then maybe hit a pro total.” – Richard

19.) “To start my own personal gym.” - Tim

20.) “Get down to 220 pounds and compete in my first powerlifting meet, as well as follow 5/3/1 religiously.” – Jesse


21.) “Kick ass in my first year of uni!” – Janke

22.) “Put a 500 pound raw squat into the books before my total knee replacement, learn to bench the appropriate way and get north of vag.” – Dan

23.) “Squat 900, bench 700, deadlift 600 and total 2100 in single ply.” – Jack

24.) “Be a writer for EliteFTS.” – Jeff

25.) “Train at least 100 times.” – Karl

26.) “Make the core tier Olympic skeleton team in the UK.” – Alex

27.) “To be recognized as one of the top trainers/coaches on Long Island and then move on and up to the east coast, country and the world!” – Steve

28.) “Drop weight down to 230 pounds, bench 405 and deadlift 500…all while moving to Line 1 on my tennis team.” – Ben

29.) “700 bench press.” – Scott

30.) “Total elite in either two different feds or two different weight classes for the raw division.” – David

31.) “800 pound deadlift followed by a back flip.” – Chris

32.) “Get up to 250 pounds, deadlift and squat a minimum of 500, bench press a minimum of 300 5 x 10…and that should get me to mid-year.” – Tim

33.) “Get my GPP and core strength up. Also, looking to get around a 500 pound squat.” – Malice

34.) “Squat bigger and deeper, and get leaner.” – Chris

35.) “…Make it to 2011.” – Francy

36.) “Try to read and learn as much as I can about core strength and speed training.” – Timothy

37.) “Total 2300.” – Josh

38.) “Find a job.” – Joe

39.) “Drop about 20 pounds, pull it together and hit it hard in 2010.” – Shannon

40.) “Deadlift 500, squat 400 and get my body composition where I want it.” – Mike

41.) “Get bigger, stronger and faster.” – John

42.) “Bench 400, deadlift 600 and squat 600 at 181. Single ply.” – Brian

43.) “Continue to grow stronger using 5/3/1.” – Kristopher

44.) “315 bench.” – Jim

45.) “800 bench single ply.” – John

46.) “Bench 500, squat 600 or more…raw.” – Garrett

47.) “1600 raw total – qualify for RUM.” – Danny

48.) “Baby coming in March. I hope that I’ll total 1200, but wonder how the baby will influence that.” – John

49.) “Help get my squad to the top of Division One. We were fourth two seasons ago and third last year…2010 is our year.” – Darren

50.) “No more excuses!” – Alexandre

51.) “405 raw bench press, hopefully at 198. But, I will be happy if I do it at 220. Squat 315 x 10 (belt only) and deadlift over 500 again (belt only).” – Jerome

52.) “Open my own gym with EFS equipment.” - Bob

53.) “Over 1400 at 242.” – Tony

54.) “One: to not get injured. Two: Squat 700, pull 600 and bench 500 pounds.” – Jeff

55.) “To balance family, friends, school and lifting.” – Howard

56.) “Qualify for and compete in the 2011 USAPL Men’s Nationals.” – Dave

57.) “Be able to deadlift twice my bodyweight and improve my skating skill so I can join a hockey team.” – Kwan

58.) “My goals, as always, are guided by my values…family, strength and hard work. I have some BIG plans for 2010 and some are already underway. Family: we have sold our home in Edison, NJ and are now moving to a beautiful new home, less than one mile from the beach. Fear not, although it is considered the Jersey Shore, this town is jam packed with active kids and is very family oriented. The Jersey Shore show details what happens in a dirty area called SeaSide. Strength: I want to continue getting healthier. The last two years were tough on me because of lower back issues. I feel better than I have in a long time and plan to press 225 pounds, squat 405 x 5, and bench 315 x 5. My squat was never the same after my ACL surgery several years ago, but hopefully with a strict training plan, I’ll reach my goals. Hard work: nothing new for me, my gym is growing fast and I'll be revamping it with some new equipment such as turf flooring, a new power rack, a dumbbell rack and perhaps some more toys. I also want it to include an inside wrestling club, specifically for wrestlers. Jim Wendler has asked me countless times (READ: begged) to write poetry for him but I have declined. Instead, I plan to keep kicking ass with my blog, In it, I’ll spread my knowledge and crazy wisdom on how to become stronger, bigger and in a nut shell, how to become a bad ass by lifting heavy and following your passion in life. I also plan to travel a bit with my Underground Strength Coach Mentorship/Certification.” – Zach Even-Esh

59.) “A goal of mine in 2010 is to squat 900, bench over 800, and deadlift over 810.” - Joshua McMillan

60.) “To continue to grow Results Fitness as a gym. We just expanded again and are about to celebrate our tenth year in business. Co-brand Results Fitness and Alwyn Cosgrove - I haven't done a very good job of this. Increase our consulting and coaching business so that I can spend more time at home and less on the road presenting.” – Alwyn Cosgrove

61.) “My goal is to bench 300 pounds. That would be awesome!” – Hannah Johnson

62.) “Let's see, what are my goals this year? First, I would like to go back to school. Maybe massage therapy, marketing or even just take some nutrition classes. The next thing would be to hit 2500 in single ply gear. Then I can get back to multi ply lifting and hit 2700. Hit 804 in the bench and deadlift. I would also like to start accumulating equipment so I can open my own power-lifting gym. I have lots of goals, but I like to think big and if I at least hit one, the year is not a total failure!” – Charles Bailey

63.) “I want to continue to improve my hip so I can train pain free, total 2000 in my first March meet and compete at the Europa in Hartford, Conn., in July.” - Matt Rhoads

64.) “My goal for 2010 is to drop a weight class and continue with a top five total for the year.” – Ronald Yard

65.) “My goals for the coming year are to get smarter, stronger, and become a better person! I want to make a run at the all time highest total, squat over 1200, bench over 900 and deadlift over 800. I want to keep expanding my knowledge of photography and take even greater photographs. I also want to help expand the popularity of powerlifting and continue to help other lifters set new PRs.” – Chad Aichs

66.) “I want to get ripped, develop the first ever Diesel fitness professional certification, reopen my online coaching program and continue to provide killer content for Diesel and Elite. I also want to write for more national publications, attend two – three business seminars and build my professional network.”- Smitty

67.) “My training goals are to set some PRs and continue to learn as much as I can.” – Ted Toalston

68.) “My goals are to spend time doing things that matter, be more compassionate and become better listener. I want to develop my skill set (writing, reading, training, etc.), worry less, act more and help others in need. I don't want to crave too much and I want to develop more strength (mentally as well as physically). I hope to judge less, be there for the people that need me, be present, mindful, grateful and generous.” – Shelby Starnes

69.) “I WILL squat 500, deadlift 500 and bench 340. These are realistic goals. For my assistance work:

- DB chest press 85 x10

- pull ups 15 in a row

- DB 1 arm row 100x10

- 3-board press 315x1

- rack pull 505 conventional x1

- safety squat 425x1

I want to become stronger mentally and physically gain more muscle mass! I want to look like Dave's brunette hot ass comic character!” – Molly Edwards

70.) “My main goal is to stay healthy and injury free. I want to gain as much lean mass as possible. I’ll be competing in powerlifting again in single ply equipment and want to total elite. In the gym I want to get my main lifts higher than they’ve ever been. That means putting any bodybuilding contest dieting on hold until later in the year so that I can have consistent training and eating to gain strength and size. I also want to accomplish a double bodyweight bench and do squats for reps because I’ve never done that.” – Jason Adams

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