elitefts™ Sunday Edition

Well, we have two weeks before we commence the 2013/14 rugby season. There is a definite sense of positiveness within the team. Following on from a series of one-on-one meetings with the players, I have outlined the physical preparation program for each member of the team. In-season physical training always has a caveat attached to it. It is based around the health and wellness of the player and is a week-to-week proposition. We set long-term plans, but these are adjustable. The plan is a “living document” and as such, needs constant revision in light of how the player is “feeling” each day. The attached plan is  a “living document” and is used as a starting point. It is displayed so all the players can see it in our locker room.

The plan was generated from the one-on-one interviews with each player, including a number of key questions and points:

  1. Age and recovery ability
  1. Injury history and current physical status
  1. Positional analysis and requirements
  1. Individual needs and wants
  1. Coach’s observations and ideas from relevant fitness monitoring

You will be familiar with some of the training ideas from my previous articles, especially my article entitled In-Season Gym Based Programming.

Engineering Physical Performance