We professional athletes face several different opponents throughout our respective careers. Yet, we often tend to overlook one of our biggest enemies…TIME. In one way or another, we’re all working against a clock. What if there was a way that would enable us to cut our training time in half? It’s possible, with some minor tweaks, to reduce a two or three-hour training session down to just over an hour. How?

  • Establish a training plan. This needs to be a very detailed plan. If you want to maximize productivity in the gym, then you need to be ready from beginning to end to knock things out. No slacking! All transitions between sets should remain smooth to minimize any distractions. Start by putting your plan on paper along with any scheduled times for different lifts. Next, detail all of the specific weights, repetitions, etc. Treat this plan like a contract that will hold you liable for not meeting your goals in the gym.
  • Focus on your training session. Put away your phone, silence it and concentrate on the training. Social media, texting, answering calls, etc., are all significant distractions that lead to bad training sessions. These bad habits should never become part of your standard routine in the gym. The key is to start focusing on your training before you even get to the gym.

Remember that every day’s plan should be built from something else, and it has to build on something else. In order to trim significant time from your workouts, have a detailed plan and stick to it. Otherwise, be prepared to accept the consequences of those long, drawn-out training sessions.

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