You spend weeks and months preparing your body for a powerlifting meet. Following a precise training plan, eating the right foods to fuel your body's recovery, sacrificing parts of your social life to sleep more — great meet preparation requires all of these things, and more. Once you've put in this work to prepare your body to perform its best on meet day, the last thing you want is to ruin it by failing to prepare your mind to perform its best on meet day.

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Through all of your physical preparation for the meet, don't forget mental preparation. In this video, powerlifting hall-of-famer Steve Goggins discusses mental meet preparation and how to ensure your mind works for you rather than against you. He addresses the aspects of optimal performance that are most often overlooked by lifters.

Imagine you're a week out from your meet. Your training has mostly finished up and you're just doing light work as the finals steps to prepare for the meet. During this week, a lot of excitement and a lot of nerves can get worked up. The biggest thing you need to accomplish mentally during this week is to relax — get your mind off the meet and focus on other parts of your life. In addition to this Steve gives three main objectives of your final week before a meet:

  1. Stay healthy.
  2. Don't think about the meet.
  3. Don't put unwanted pressure on yourself.

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