Some  of the most difficult issues for strength and conditioning coaches in a team setting is lack of time, space, and equipment. Coaches are constantly looking for ways to increase work done in a training session, without increasing the time duration of the session. Keeping enough volume to elicit training adaptation in a minimal amount of time given is a struggle all coaches face at one point or another.

This article will look at two separate mechanical drop sets for hypertrophy, specifically bench press variations.

Some benefits of mechanical drop-sets in a team setting:

  1. Increases work in a single, extended set without reducing load
  2. Reduces of overall volume while maintaining time-under-tension
  3. Minimizes athlete rotation through the same exercises

Set and Rep Suggestions

Set and rep parameters

1-2-3-4 Board Press Order

  • 1 Board
  • 2 Board
  • 3 Board
  • 4 Board
  • 5 Board (optional)


5 Grip Swiss Press Bar Bench Press Order

  1. Reverse 45 Degree Close-Grip
  2. 45 Degree Close-Grip
  3. Moderate Neutral Grip
  4. Medium Neutral Grip
  5. Wide Neural Grip

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