WATCH: What Is Team elitefts?

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You'll hear a lot of definitions of a team, depending on who you ask. Look at the NFL, for instance: The New England Patriots are either a crooked bunch of cheaters or the most innovative football franchise of all time. You're going to find the same disagreement about any organization, and it's up to you to figure out which opinions you listen to.

When it comes to team elitefts, we like to listen to Clint Darden.

Clint Darden isn't afraid to share his mind. His honesty, like most things about him, is astounding in its intensity. In his most recent video, he talks about his position with team elitefts. He talks about community, about a team that goes deeper than a training log post or a packed session in the S4 Compound. When Clint recently traveled to America, he met many of his elitefts teammates for the first time. There were some who made a huge impression on him immediately, a few of which he names specifically.

WATCH: CNS Burnout in the Gym

Clint's Training Log 


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