EliteFTS Erect-A-Rack: JL Holdsworth Angled Rack

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You’ve asked.. now it’s here.  This is an exact copy of the rack used in The Spot Athletics, owned by EliteFTS Sponsored Coach JL Holdsworth.  An Erect-A-Rack variation, the JL Holdsworth rack has proved its worth for training multiple clients, teams, individuals and even for competitive use.  Able to accommodate up to 12 athletes using outside rack functions at one time (squatting, benching, pullups, etc) as well as numerous athletes on the inside, this behemoth has everything you need with the ability to add components and parts as you see fit.

Coming standard, this rack includes:

  • 8 – 104” Posts with base plates and utility holes on all 4 sides
  • 4 – 134” Posts with base plates and utility holes on all 4 sides
  • 4 – 44” offset top braces with 2 ½” tube and 1” round pull up bar
  • 2 – 44” top braces with 2 ½” tube and 1” round pull up bar
  • 3 – 44” bottom braces with 2 ½” tube only
  • 1 – Customizable Top Arch Brace with 2 ½” tube
  • 4 – 68” Angled braces with 2 ½” tube only
  • 4 – 68” Pull up bars (1 ¼” diameter)
  • 17 – 44” Pull up bars (1 ¼” diameter)
  • 4 – Multi-Grip Pull Up Bars
  • 6 – pairs of J-cups
  • 3 – Half Rack Safety Spotters

On top of the forementioned hardware, this rack would not have our name on it if it didn’t come with the EliteFTS essentials:

  • Backer Plates at all connection points - This provides greater stability and ensures that the rack frame will not be damaged or bent during assembly.
  • 11 gauge steel (1/8" thick) - By using Backer Plates that are 3/8" thick, the bolts have 1/2" of material supporting the connection on one side, and 3/8" on the other.
  • Lifetime warranty on all frames and welds.  We mean that. This rack is meant to handle everything - from your weakest to your strongest clients and athletes.  If this rack can’t stand up to the use and abuse, give us a call.
  • Texture Coated Rack Posts. We get it, bars and weights have a tendency to scratch things. We texture coat the rack posts to help keep your rack looking professional and clean.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Tested by the strongest athletes in the world. Do you think a world renowned strength coach who has squatted 905, benched 775, and deadlifted 804 (JL Holdsworth) would trust anything less?

If you'd like to know more, feel free to call Matt Goodwin at 888-854-8806!

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