elitefts titanium knick-knacks

Sold in pairs.

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EliteFTS Titanium Knick-knacks

Jim said it best.. titanium knick-knacks will help you outwork any diet, any subpar training program, and will help you survive any adversity that comes your way in life.

EliteFTS Titanium Knick-knacks will outlast any training partner and are the most reliable training aid you'll ever carry around. 


Having trouble locking out your deadlift? Titanium Knick-knacks are the answer.

Current diet leaving you fat and bloated? Titanium Knick-knacks will help.

Girlfriend threatening to leave? Titanium Knick-knacks last forever.

Does your "gym bag's" size leave something to be desired? Yeah, Titanium Knick-knacks will help with that too.


These cannot be bought.. only earned. Call the number above to talk to our team and find out how.

  • Waterproof.
  • Rustproof
  • Scratch resistant
  • Non-vegan
  • Non-paleo
  • Not a gluten free product
  • Made in a facility that processes nuts.
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