elitefts Toilet Paper 10 Pack

elitefts Toilet Paper 10 Pack

You may be wondering...
wHaT dOes tOlieT PapEr HAve tO Do wITh TrAIninG? 

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Where to begin? You might think this starts with the quartine toilet paper shortage of 2020, and you are correct. Kinda. 
Like so many others, we wondered why so many people build insane stockpiles of TP. With this now BEHIND us, there are many theories as to why BUT none of those matter. What matters most is NEVER AGAIN. Learn from the past and move forward. 
What does this have to do with Training? Serious? 
You ever take too much preworkout?
You ever take too much Creatine? 
You ever take too much Protein? 
How about that new protein blend? 
How about swamp ass?
You know that skid mark in our shorts? 
Accidental Shart?
Have you ever tried wiping inflamed hemorrhoids with an old T-shirt? 
What do you wipe your tears with after a lousy bench day? 
Admit it, we all have training poop stories, RIGHT?
What is the ONE thing in common with all of these stories (outside of Poop)... What is the one statement that follows all of these stories? 
Exactly, and now you see why we added Toliet Paper. 
Application and Use:

Gym Cuts - the first applied layer after tearing up calloused hands, shins, and chain cuts. Duct Tape not included
Nose Bleeds: Stick up your nose to keep face mask from getting soiled
Tears: Toss a sheet at your training partner every time you beat them in a training challenge. 
Spilled Drinks: Use to clean up spilled fluids from the drinks you're not supposed to have in the gym.
You Know: Not sayin'
Gallivan and Karen: Use on their Tree's because throwing a roll at them would not be PC. 
Short Trail: leave a train hanging out the back of your shorts... just because you can. 
Stuffing: If you are looking for any undergarment enhancing for your social media posts. Yep, you know it. Like, you didn't think people noticed? Maybe they won't with our 3 Ply stuffing. 
Kill The Dribble: Use to wipe and pack the post bathroom tinkle dribble. 
Oh, ya, you can also use it for wiping your butt. However, do your gym owner a favor and act like COVID is super-spread by Urine and Poop Stains. Clean your spaces.
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