elitefts™ 3X3 Collegiate Power Rack


elitefts™ 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack


A rack with over 20 years of quality and design work!


  • Loaded with the best options
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime warranty on all frames and welds


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elitefts™ 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack

What makes the elitefts™ 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack such a great piece of equipment? Just about everything. The elitefts™ 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack is loaded with a Sumo Base, Textured Posts, Monkey Chin Bar, Safety Pins, Band Pegs, Storage Areas, and J-Hooks w/ UHMW… and that’s just scratching the surface. This rack has over 20 years of quality and design work that comes from athletes and coaches all over the world.  This is YOUR RACK!

The elitefts™ 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack rack is perfect for any personal training center, weight room, or collegiate/high school. We know what a rack should be and how it should perform. Take the guesswork out; let us help you make your athletes better!

What separates elitefts™ racks from the competition?

  • Backer Plates at all connection points provide greater stability and ensures that the rack frame will not be damaged or bent during assembly
  • Rear K-Brace standard on all racks to help stabilize the power rack
  • Weight Storage is welded to a 3/8" flat bar then bolted onto the rack for the strongest weight storage possible
  • Sumo Base to allow a wide stance for squatting and deadlifting
  • 11-gauge steel (1/8" thick) but by using Backer Plates that are 3/8" thick the bolts have 1/2" of material supporting the connection on one side and 3/8" on the other
  • Comes partially assembled to allow for the first training session to begin quickly with the least amount of assembly as possible
  • Completely customizable to fit your needs including but not limited to color, height, chin bars, etc.
  • Lifetime warranty on all frames and welds
  • Tested by the strongest athletes in the world
  • Manufactured in the USA


This rack can also be made into a Deluxe Dual Rack with two full power racks, two half racks, one half and one full rack, or a full rack with a bench rack. We can also add our custom platforms with rubber or oak center (with school or gym logo). Basically, we can do whatever you need with this rack. If you would like to discuss all the additional options or would like to add something you do not see, please feel free to call us at 888-854-8806.

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  • Sumo Base
  • Monkey Chin Bar
  • Rod & Pipe Safety Pins
  • Quick-Adjust Safety Pins
  • Band Pegs Top and Bottom
  • Band Storage
  • Chain Storage with UHMW
  • Weight Storage with UHMW
  • Extra J-Cups
  • 2 Bar Holders (these are mounted on the back end)
  • Numbered Posts
  • Only touches the floor in 4 places with rubber feet
  • Angled Safety Gusset on J-cups
  • Texture Coated Rack Posts
  • 1.5- and 2-inch hole spacing
  • 97" tall w/ monkey chin bar
  • Extra Deep Squatting Area: 36"
  • Total Footprint including weight storage and bar holders: 72" X 74" X 97" (we recommend a 10ft X 10ft floor space for each rack) 
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