elitefts™ Bench Press Manual

Why bench? We don't know. We didn't then and we still don't know now. But we do know how to make that lift strong, and it's all here in this eBook.

Length: 117 pages


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EliteFTS Bench Press Manual

elitefts™ Bench Press Manual (eBook)

Based on our most popular series of bench press articles

117 pages

"Hey, bro, how much ya bench?"

Every day that I walk into work, Mark Watts asks me this question. But he knows how much I bench. He watched me train for my most recent meet. He saw the video of my PR.

You see, Mark doesn't really want to know how much I bench. He just wants to remind me that I'm smaller and weaker than him (which I am) and motivate me to not always stay that way (which I won't). That's the inner-coach still shining through in him: he builds you up by breaking you down.

But "how much ya bench, bro?" is not a question about numbers and upper-body strength for anyone. It's about boasting more manliness than the guy next to you. The logic behind the question is this:

"I bench more than him. He's a little girl and I'm a man."

"He benches more than me? He's lying. I'll believe it when I see it (and if I do see it, I'll find a reason to explain why he's doing it wrong)."

Because we live in the United States of America: where bench matters.

But why bench? Why not squat or deadlift? No one knows. Bench became an unequivocal statement of American badassery years ago and now it dominates every weight-room and social-media argument of anyone between the ages of 13 and 25 years (I'm still considering registering the domain www.howmuchyabenchbro.com to send to internet trolls).

Why bench? We don't know. We didn't then and we still don't know now. But we do know how to make that lift strong.

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to everything you will ever need to know about the bench press: how to perform the lift, how to train the lift, and how to keep breaking PRs without getting injured in the process. This isn't a short step-by-step guide to the bench press; you could find that in any YouTube video or on any training blog. This has 16 sections and 25,000 words written by the experts who have performed and coached the lift at top levels for years.

Table of Contents:

  • Section 1 — Plateaus Suck
  • Section 2 — The Bench Cure
  • Section 3 — Saving Face
  • Section 4 — Things You['d Better Know if You Want Strong(er) Triceps
  • Section 5 — The 225 Bench Press Test
  • Section 6 — 60 Bench Tips
  • Section 7 — Weak Lockout
  • Section 8 — Weak Off Your Chest
  • Section 9 — Six Weak Point Tips
  • Section 10 — The Power of the Board
  • Section 11 — Chains 101
  • Section 12 — The Dead Bench
  • Section 13 — So You Think You Can Bench
  • Section 14 — JL Holdsworth's Instructional Videos
  • Section 15 — 12 EZ Steps to a Bigger Bench
  • Section 16 — 10 Shirted Bench Press Tips
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