elitefts™ Charging Buddy

EliteFTS Charging Buddy
  • Stay Charged
  • Stay Connected
  • No More Low Battery

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Introducing the EliteFTS Charging Buddy: Stay Charged!

In bold red and white, this Charging Buddy is your ticket to uninterrupted power, connectivity, and entertainment. Here's how it revolutionizes your digital experience:

Five Charging Options: With five versatile charging ports, your beloved devices will stay charged, no matter what. Never fear a dead battery again. Compatible With Apple® 8-Pin, Micro USB And Type-C Devices


*Input: USB And Type C

*Output: Micro USB, Dual Tip Micro/8-Pin And Type C

Capture Every Set: Record and review every rep of your workouts without interruption. Keep in touch with your online coach and refine your training.

Stay Social: Follow EliteFTS on Instagram, connect with your fitness, powerlifter, strength athlete, strongman, bodybuilder, and clinical community, and stay up-to-date with industry news and inspiration.

Endless Entertainment: Dive into the world of the Table Talk podcast and binge-watch your favorite shows. The Charging Buddy ensures hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

Create with Confidence: Track your training program, plan your workouts, or jot down your massive goals in Notes without the worry of running out of battery.

Don't let low battery hold you back. Elevate your digital life with the EliteFTS Charging Buddy. Order now to ensure uninterrupted power and unparalleled convenience for all your devices. 


Stay charged and stay connected!

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