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Don't Suck 


Don't suck?


  • It is a call to action.
  • Can you do it?
  • See below… 

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Don't Suck 


The Don't Suck Mantra


Going from sh*t to suck is ONE big step because that means you've got to commit to something that most people haven't done or cannot do. They're not able to go all in. They might mess around a little, but that's about it. For most, this would be testing the waters, seeing if they like it, or just "playing around."


To go from suck to good is a big flight of stairs because now you've got to be consistent. You need to be dedicated to what you're doing. You need to train hard. You need to train intelligently. It can't be a hobby. It has to be something that you are very serious about and willing to put in the time and effort both physically and mentally.


To go from good to great is only one small step. But it's the one step that nobody wants to take because they can't see it, it's uncertain, it's close to the edge, it's higher than most ever go, and looking down suddenly seems farther away than they thought it was.


It's being sacrificed or making the sacrifice when all your buddies are going out on Friday night, but you've got to train on Saturday morning. You've got to be able to say, "No, I've got to train the next day." It's choices like that and many, many, many more small steps that determine going from good to great. It's making all those little sacrifices that everybody else isn't willing to make because they justify their choices. 


That one step, that last small one, is called "truly believing in yourself." Not faking it or pretending you can do it but knowing that you will still come out a better person no matter the outcome.


Now you see how Don't Suck is a call to action.

  • J America Vintage Thermal Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 5.0 oz., 100% cotton
  • Charcoal Heather is 60/40
  • Contoured bottom hem
  • Contrast color flatlock stitching

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