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elitefts™ E-Series Core Blaster


Turn any plate or Prowler into a core blaster!

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Every so often a piece of equipment comes along that truly warrants a lot of buzz, and for good reason. This is one such example.

The E-Series Core Blaster gives you the benefit of a rotational core trainer, but with much more flexibility. This model does not have a base, as many other rotational core devices do. Instead, the E-Series Core Blaster simply slides into any Olympic plate or Prowler, effectively creating a stable base for a variety of exercises.

There are about a million things you can do with this piece of equipment: the obvious rotational core movements, rows, explosive presses, sport-specific movements, and more. You can even use two simultaneously, allowing you to work muscles in unique ways and create sport-specific movements for football, MMA, and more.

Comes in textured black finish. Weight plate not included, but nice try. 

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