elitefts™ Econo Truck Handle


Get pushin'.

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*36" Posts

*2" Handles

A popular event at strongman events is to pull a firetruck, small airplane or delivery truck from one of the event sponsors. But what do you do to train for the event?

Airport security won't allow you to run out onto the tarmac to grab a random Cessna (plus remember that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the German guy gets sliced and diced by the plane's propeller?).

The Fed Ex guy will file a complaint (and possibly back over you) if you try to push his vehicle. Plus, you might feel weak as hell one day when the real reason is that he just has more undelivered packages inside.

The solution? The elitefts™ Econo Truck Handle is an easy way to turn your F-350, Humvee or even Nissan Pathfinder into a comfortable, efficient pushing implement.

Hooks right into your trailer hitch. Put on some shoes with good traction and get gas mileage that has not been topped since Fred Flinstone. That's right, now you can finally push your Silverado without getting a Chevy logo pressed into your face!

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