elitefts™ Foam Roller 36x6

More surface area compared to our twelve-inch roller for more mobility and soreness-busting myofascial release.

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If you don't have a foam roller yet, get one. In fact, get this one and get it now. Self-myofascial release is now recognized as an integral part of proper recovery and warmup. Rolling around on a quality foam roller like this one will make you feel better and perform better, so don't shortchange yourself. This roller is firm without being stiff. It's density allows it to hold up to heavier users and extensive use. Available in black. Note: Foam rollers will all have some form of surface imperfections. Bubbles, color differences, slight pitting, etc, all of these things are normal and do not affect the functionality of the product at all. Store your foam roller away from sunlight and don't put stuff on top of it, as continuous pressure can result in indentations and deformation. To clean: Do not use bleach, oils, or chemical solvents to clean your roller. These products may cause the roller to become soft, discolored, or deformed. Clean with soap and water only.
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