elitefts™ Koozie

elitefts Koozie
  • Your Ultimate Chill Companion!
  • Ice-cold Assurance
  • Your Monsters will thank you.

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Introducing the EliteFTS Black & White Koozie: Your Ultimate Chill Companion!

Keep your monsters cold, your protein shakes chilly, your beer frosty, and your water refreshing with our EliteFTS Koozie. This isn't just any drink holder; it's a commitment to coldness!

Any Beverage, Anytime: No matter your drink of choice, our Koozie has got you covered. From energy drinks to protein shakes, from beer to water, enjoy every sip at the perfect temperature.

Ice-Cold Assurance: Made to keep your drinks at the ideal chill, our Koozie is your trusted partner on hot summer days and intense workouts.

Classic Black, Bold Logo: With the iconic white EliteFTS logo, your Koozie is a stylish statement of your dedication to strength and performance.

Don't settle for lukewarm.

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