elitefts™ Notepad and Pen Set

elitefts Notepad and Pen Set

  • The duo you need!
  • Vibrant and Bold
  • Write Your Journey
  • Don't leave the house without this pair

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Let's first talk about the pens. In each pack, (2) pens are included.
Our vibrant orange pens with black grippies and the iconic black EliteFTS logo are more than just writing tools; they're your ticket to keeping your training sessions on point. Here's why they're an essential addition to your training gear:

Write Your Journey: Document your training sessions, set goals, and track progress effortlessly with these reliable pens. Your fitness journey deserves to be recorded.

Gym Bag Essential: Slide one into your gym bag, so you're always prepared to jot down your thoughts, notes, and inspirations after a challenging workout.

On-the-Go Convenience: Keep a few in the car and the house. With EliteFTS Pens, your next training session, grocery list, and yearly program is counting on these fresh pens straight out of the wrapper.

Smooth & Dependable: Crafted for smooth writing and built to last, these pens are as tough and reliable as your commitment to not missing a training day.
Let's talk about the EliteFTS Notepads. In this pack, (2) notepads are included.

Track Your Training: Take notes, record your sets, and track your progress like a pro. These notepads are your personal gym journal.

Stay Organized: Use them for grocery lists and never forget a muscle-fueling item. Keep your nutrition on point and your gains unstoppable.

Share the Love: Write a heartfelt note to your favorite training partner and let them know they're your ultimate workout inspiration.

Endless Creativity: Whether it's training plans, sketches, or ideas, these notepads are a canvas for your gains and creative aspirations.

Stay huge, stay focused, and stay inspired with EliteFTS Notepads. 
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