elitefts™ Old School Wrist Straps Orange

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EliteFTS Old School Wrist Straps

These are my favorite straps, hands down.  I know what you're thinking "What's so great about them, aren't straps just straps?"

No, Mr. Whiny-Pants. These straps are different. For starters, there is no assembly - with other straps you have to pull the loose end through the loop. You can take these straight out of the bag on put them right on. 

The design keeps the gripping part in the middle of your grip - evenly distributing the weight on both sides of your wrists - resulting in super-comfortable usage.  

Because the weight is evenly distributed, it reduces wear on the strap. I guarantee you these will last considerably longer than any other strap you'll own. I first bought a pair 2 years ago, and they are still going strong with hardly any fraying. I'm expecting at least another year out of them. Can you ask that of any regular strap?? Unless they are designed for ridiculous use (like ours are), I think not.  

They are super easy to use and quick to disengage. Just a little twist of the wrist and you're locked in and ready to go.  For olympic lifting, they are perfect.  If you're using straps for olympic lifts, there is a possibility that you may need to bail. Simply opening the hand accomplishes this.  

These straps are what straps used to look like back in the day...and these need a resurgence.  Watch the video to the side if you have any further questions on how to use them.

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