elitefts™ Pro Mobility Ball

Work out those knots and dig into those trigger points.

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Lacrosse balls are not just for playing lacrosse. In fact, I've never played lacrosse in my life...if I'm going to tear my body up, I figured the most fun I'll have is in a squat rack. My aerobic capacity just isn't good enough to be a LAX brah.

We're missing the point. This little tool is made from a bulletproof (not literally) rubber composite and emblazoned with the elitefts™ logo one at a time by Americans who take pride in offering an awesome product to help work out the knots and dig into your favorite (worst) trigger points. Simply put, this thing can help you be a better lifter and athlete.

Use one. This thing is great to hit the glutes on squat day, and the upper back on bench day. It's actually great to hit either one on either day because, as you know, all our powerlifts are really full-body movements if you're doing them correctly.

The options are limitless. Taping two together doubles your fun and gives you even more options for self-mysofascial release and trigger point therapy around the T-spine and more.

Stay tuned for more complementary content to take your warmups and recovery to the next level.

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