elitefts™ Scholastic Floor Glute Ham Raise (GHR) with Wheels

An ultra-compact version of the GHR, with all of the benefits, a killer price point, and a minimalized foot print.

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Floor GHR

This floor Glute ham raise is great for a beginner who can't quite master the Glute ham raise.

It's a little easier and allows beginners to learn proper technique while still working their posterior chain in a solid and beneficial fashion.

It's also great for someone looking to save on space, as it takes up very little room.

This GHR comes with wheels so it can be placed wherever you would like.

Available in the powder coated color of your choice.

8" foam covered foot pads.

Naugahyde covered pad in the color of your choice.

Frame is solid welded.

Tested by the strongest athletes in the world.

Total Footprint:  22"W x 60"L x 25"H

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