elitefts™ Signature Monolift


The Signature Monolift is the king of them all, designed to outperform the competition and leave you with a reliable companion to smash records on your best days.

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EFS Signature Monolift

This specially designed squat stand allows for optimal squat training by taking the walkout way from the lift. You un-rack the weight while your training partner pulls the lever moving the rack hooks forward. The hydraulic lift and lever support stands adjust for all heights and hand positions.

  • This is a must for heavy band usage.
  • Made for heavy competitive and commercial use.
  • Excellent for all types of squats, box squats and good morning movements.
  • Extra wide base for wide squatting.

If you are a serious power lifter, meet promoter, trainer or strength coach the Mono Style Squat stand will change you forever. Meets run faster, weight changes smother, and training in groups is no longer a problem. It only takes seconds to change rack heights or move the weight hooks to different positions.


* Weight storage
* Textured posts
* Bar holders
* Band storage
* Band pegs
* Safety arms
* Stainless steel slots for safety arms
* UHMW protection on safety arms, feet, weight storage.
* Laser engraved elitefts™ logo


* Maximum Height - 109"
* Length - 72"
* Width - 65"
* Length of Monolift arms - 41"
* Number of band holes - 4 per side
* Number of band pegs - 2 per side
* Length of safety posts - 24 inches
* Height of posts - can be adjusted from 14-41"
* Number of band storage hooks - 4
* Number of bar storage posts - 2
* Lowest Monolift arm height - 47 inches
* Highest Monolift arm height - 68 inches
* Number of weight posts - 7 per side
* Squatting area - 38 inches wide x 58 inches across

elitefts™.com Inc. does not support or endorse the use of any suspension strap, chain, rope, band or other device from the top of this equipment. This can result in serious injury and or death. Using such attachments is at the risk and liability of the user and not that of elitefts™.com Inc., its partners, or its manufactures.

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